26 Dec 2012 Ferado

Having a nice Christmas Holiday

Hello Readers,

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, with lots of food and sleep! I certainly am catching up on the zzz’s and TV! The weather leading up to Christmas in Brisbane was just so hot, But I am so thrilled that it has cooled down for the Big day yesterday and it even rained this morning. A great gift from mother nature!

Christmas is a low key thing for me and my family, the youngest in our family being 23 years old – there is no real excitement leading up to Christmas, but we all look forward to having a couple of days of just relaxation. Below is a gift that my sister made for me (find her blog ->simplefibrelife). We went to Spotlight a couple of days before Christmas and I picked out the fabric. I am a sucker for mushrooms whether they are red with white spots, or just the edible ones – I love them all.


I have also spent my spare time working on some boxer briefs for my partner, D. I drafted the pattern well over a year ago with his input – I like to think that he was the designer and I just drafted and sewed them. I have been meaning to tweak a few things maybe sell the pattern. The below pair are sewn up with a jersey fabric. (the drag lines don’t exist when D wears them)

Mens Boxer Briefs

Well that’s from me – How is your holiday going?

9 Nov 2012 Ferado

Building a sew’opedia

Hello there readers,

How do you like the title of my post? haha!

Well I have decided that I will slowly build up a whole library of information about sewing and all things crafty. Yes, I know this has all been done before, but I look at this as my little quest to re-read and re-learn every little piece of information – maybe find something I missed the first time around.. I think it will be fun!

So I will start out with the sewing basics, tools and stitches and then work on construction methods and fabric finishes. I intend to post a new item up once a week.

So I hope you all will enjoy taking this journey with me! 😀

3 Nov 2012 Ferado


Hello there readers,

It has been a long time since my last post, this is not because of any life changing events or mega catastrophes. I just have been really busy with life and work. I have had a couple of sewing projects that I have had to complete for a few different friends, which has taken me away from creating and writing for Bettiemarie for the past couple of weeks.

I hope to get back into the swing of things in the next couple of weeks, But I am a sucker for agreeing to do/sew projects for other people without thinking it through and before I know it I am really busy doing projects that I probably should not of agreed to because I didn’t take my limits into account.

I have had a think of a couple of reasons why I have a tendency to say “yes” when I should say “no” and mostly it is because I am afraid of being rude and uncaring or make the person feel anger/sadness if I reject them.

So my question this week is: how do you say “no” without hurting other people’s feelings? I have given myself three options in delivering the bad news.

  • “I would love to do this, but…”
    I like this one because it encourages the other party that their idea/request is a great idea, but it also means that I have to come up with an excuse on the spot. I am really bad at that – I need to go away and think about what my reasoning is. And that leads me to …
  • “Let me think about it and I will get back to you”
    This is a great line, It give you time to really think the project through and whether you can do it or not. I would then probably follow through with #1 if I know that I could not take on the project
  • “I am not the best person to help on this, but X probably could help you”
    This option is a great one, because you are not leaving the person high-and-dry, by giving them a contact of someone that could do the job you are helping them along

Now I hope I don’t paint a negative picture of myself and not wanting to partake in helping my friends out, but sometimes we all need to learn give our own needs and tasks priorities – because we are the only ones who have the power to do that.

How about you, how do you say “no”?

13 Oct 2012 Ferado

Sweetheart Bandeau

Well hello there readers!

I have something to announce! After a long wait I have created my very first bra pattern for you to sew!

It has been a while since I have released a new sewing pattern, and as the majority of my patterns are knickers or boxers and I have been meaning to make bra patterns, so here is my first bralette pattern: the sweetheart bandeau YAY!

Now I want to point out, that this is no sports bra, nor is it intended to support your bust so no jogging recommended with this design (excluding a very quick game of kiss-chasey of course!) I love the romantic curved edge of this bralette, it is so dainty!

So whip out your sewing machines again girls, and give me some feedback!

6 Oct 2012 Ferado


Well after all my hard work of moving into my Studio I have decided to spend last weekend out on a very short stay-cation up the coast, at Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast. But unlike the name, this weekend the sun was not shining; there was a cold breeze blowing from the sea all day! Come one summer, time to make the sunshine!

Now due to the lack of that summer sunshine, I decided to visit the shops, I bought some really nice cotton fabric and handmade paper from Sapien Arts . Now, I need to find a purpose for them 😛

I also brought my laptop and crafting projects “just in-case”. Let’s be honest with each-other here, I am a guilty workaholic; I just can’t feel a sense of accomplishment if I cannot be making/achieving things. So the thought spending a couple days away from my studio was not my ideal weekend, and whenever I go away from the house I have a little sneaky habit bringing my laptop and sneaky projects along – just in-case.

This weekend I brought a ball of yarn and knitting needles just for a bit of fun,

I drew up a couple of knit designs for underwear that I might knit up – what are your thoughts?

28 Sep 2012 Ferado

Finally a place to call my own

Hi there! It’s been a little while since I posted!

I have spent this past week moving all my worldly possessions into my new studio, it was great to go through all my things for the move and found a few little forgotten treasures like my water color set that I bought after I left college I promised myself that I would do more painting to keep my drawing skills up. I took time out to have a play with them and painted two girls – for my moodboard, maybe.

I love the idea of having a bit of green around where you work; they sort of soften the atmosphere. So I went to Bunnings and bought a maiden hair fern for the room. I should have done my research though, as these plants like a humid environment, and my studio room is far from humid! So I am forever making sure that it has enough water and moisture to stay alive.

While on my shopping spree, I also went to IKEA to purchase some lights, the Knubbig as it can get a little dark in my sewing corner, and the Terje Folding Chair for when I am sewing. I totally missed the Green house that IKEA have for sale – it would be great for my fern. (Will have to purchase it next time I go)

I felt like I was playing a game of Tetris to getting everything to fit into my room but finally everything is in its place and I am now able to settle down and get back to work.

15 Sep 2012 Ferado

New studio room

I have lived in the same house in suburban Brisbane for over 5 years now, my sewing area is downstairs in the rumpus room, computer is upstairs and all my sewing books I keep close at hand, near my bed, for night time reading.

But this all is about to change, there are two empty bedrooms that were just not being used. So one day, weeks ago, I decided that I am going to take one of the rooms and make that my sewing studio! It will be a creative little room where all my things and be in one place.

So I have had the walls painted a light grey with gloss white trims. the room is 3.7 x 2.8 meter squared and I am convinced that I will fit all my books (right now they take up three Ikea Billy bookcases), My huge stash of fabrics, 3 domestic sewing machines, 1 industrial sewing machine, a sewing table, my computer desk and two chairs!

I am playing with a couple of layout ideas and I am getting the feeling it’s going to be a very crammed little room, but it will be nice to have one room with all my sewing and crafting equipment together at last.

How about you, do you have a craft room and what sort of things do you enjoy to make in it?