7 Feb 2013 Ferado

Etsy Spotlight: Skyepiece


I want to share with you my purchase from Skyepiece on Etsy. I bought it a couple of months ago – but I have had to keep it a secret until we passed my sisters birthday.

My Necklace

I bought this lovely yellow necklace for myself – I have been going through an orange/yellow phase for a little while – so when I saw this I just had to get it. Below are its properties.

*Colour healing properties: Vitality, Cheerfulness, Divinity

This delicate three strand necklace, combines: Citrine × Foiled Glass × Australian Resin × Korean Porcelain × Picture Agate × Damanic Agate × Purifying Lotus Seed × Clear Quartz × Rosewood × Recycled Aussie timber button closure.

Vanessa's Necklace

My sister is a February baby, so I also had to get this gorgeous purple amethyst necklace. Below are its properties.

*Colour healing properties: Inner Insight, Transformation, Magnetism

This delicate three strand necklace, combines: Amethyst × Indian Foiled Glass × Picture Agate × Coconut × Purifying Lotus Seed × Blown Glass × Fire Agate × Palmwood × Coconut Button × Sugilite × Australian Handmade Resin x Freshwater Pearl

Both the necklaces are made with such quality and have such a nice weight to them – I just love wearing them!



19 Jan 2013 Ferado

sew’opedia: Embroidery hand needle

Also known as Crewel needles. These have a large eye so that thicker flosses and yarns can pass through. These needles, as the name implies, are used for embroidery. They are great for beginners as well because they are easier to thread.

Embroidery needles also come in sizes 1 through 10.

12 Jan 2013 Ferado

Felt Urchin


Just thought I would share a photo of a felt Urchin that I sewed over the Christmas holidays. The pattern called for 3mm designer wool felt, but I thought that I would play with 3 sheets of felt you can get at the local craft store. It’s a bit slouchy compared if I were to use the 3mm felt. But I like the little flash of colour that is exposed in each dart.

5 Jan 2013 Ferado

sew’opedia: Sharps hand needle

Sharps are the most common needles used for hand sewing, and like the name suggests, these needles do have a sharp point. Sharps have a rounded eye that are just large enough for the thread and are medium in length.

Sharp needles come in size 1- 10, where 1 is the thickest and longest needle and 10 is the smallest.

1 Jan 2013 Ferado

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! (isn’t it crazy how fast time flies the older we get, or is that me?)
So with a new year comes the setting of New Year Resolutions, Oh yes – I am that kind of person. I love to set myself goals to aim towards, otherwise how can you really evaluate how your year and progress is going? I love getting that sense of achievement when I can cross a resolution off the list once I have completed it!
So this year I thought I would share my New Years Resolutions with you:
my aims for 2013
  1. create some knit/jersey patterns (some briefs and a singlet)
  2. create more bra patterns to compliment my knickers patterns
  3. Play with knitting patterns and maybe create some of my designs I drew here
  4. start heading into some Loungewear (suggested by KittyDevine)
  5. I also want to start sharing more of my sewing projects on the blog
  6. Also I am also going to change the lay out of the website and add a store to the site this year, so keep your eyes out for that 😀
Phew, well I better get started!
What are your New Years Resolutions?