19 Jan 2013 Ferado

sew’opedia: Embroidery hand needle

Also known as Crewel needles. These have a large eye so that thicker flosses and yarns can pass through. These needles, as the name implies, are used for embroidery. They are great for beginners as well because they are easier to thread.

Embroidery needles also come in sizes 1 through 10.

5 Jan 2013 Ferado

sew’opedia: Sharps hand needle

Sharps are the most common needles used for hand sewing, and like the name suggests, these needles do have a sharp point. Sharps have a rounded eye that are just large enough for the thread and are medium in length.

Sharp needles come in size 1- 10, where 1 is the thickest and longest needle and 10 is the smallest.

9 Nov 2012 Ferado

Building a sew’opedia

Hello there readers,

How do you like the title of my post? haha!

Well I have decided that I will slowly build up a whole library of information about sewing and all things crafty. Yes, I know this has all been done before, but I look at this as my little quest to re-read and re-learn every little piece of information – maybe find something I missed the first time around.. I think it will be fun!

So I will start out with the sewing basics, tools and stitches and then work on construction methods and fabric finishes. I intend to post a new item up once a week.

So I hope you all will enjoy taking this journey with me! 😀