10 Jun 2016 Ferado


I know I know, I have let this website get a bit old with out adding new content for three years!

I will confess that I have left Bettiemarie slowly die and I went of and concentrated on other aspects of my life. But I want that to change! Bettiemarie was one of the first projects I started coming out of college and I want to breath life into it. I am thinking I am going to make a slow start with this. Slowly clearing out the cobwebs and wiping of the dust.

I plan to do this by slowly adding to my sew’opedia and continue posting about some sewing adventures. I will have to pull out some of my sewing projects and finish them with you!

A new start is happening! Lets do this

Charlene X

9 Nov 2012 Ferado

Building a sew’opedia

Hello there readers,

How do you like the title of my post? haha!

Well I have decided that I will slowly build up a whole library of information about sewing and all things crafty. Yes, I know this has all been done before, but I look at this as my little quest to re-read and re-learn every little piece of information – maybe find something I missed the first time around.. I think it will be fun!

So I will start out with the sewing basics, tools and stitches and then work on construction methods and fabric finishes. I intend to post a new item up once a week.

So I hope you all will enjoy taking this journey with me! 😀

13 Oct 2012 Ferado

Sweetheart Bandeau

Well hello there readers!

I have something to announce! After a long wait I have created my very first bra pattern for you to sew!

It has been a while since I have released a new sewing pattern, and as the majority of my patterns are knickers or boxers and I have been meaning to make bra patterns, so here is my first bralette pattern: the sweetheart bandeau YAY!

Now I want to point out, that this is no sports bra, nor is it intended to support your bust so no jogging recommended with this design (excluding a very quick game of kiss-chasey of course!) I love the romantic curved edge of this bralette, it is so dainty!

So whip out your sewing machines again girls, and give me some feedback!

4 Aug 2012 Ferado

Cleaner is better

For those of you who have purchased my patterns before on etsy and craftsy you would know that my patterns are very colourful. Though this looks nice on the screen, to print it out would just use too much ink. So I have decided to reformat my older patterns to have a more cleaner layout.

If you have purchased my patterns and have any suggestions to the layout I would love the hear it!

21 Jul 2012 Ferado

2012 aims

I know I am doing this a little late in the year, but for 2012/13 my aims on this site is to have a couple of new patterns up for sale on my etsy and craftsy shops.

I am thinking of doing some cute bralettes for the wide range of panties patterns that I have already made. I might also make a pattern for some girl-next-door stretch underwear. How about you, what are your aims and what patterns would you like to see?