21 Jul 2012 Ferado

2012 aims

I know I am doing this a little late in the year, but for 2012/13 my aims on this site is to have a couple of new patterns up for sale on my etsy and craftsy shops.

I am thinking of doing some cute bralettes for the wide range of panties patterns that I have already made. I might also make a pattern for some girl-next-door stretch underwear. How about you, what are your aims and what patterns would you like to see?

7 Jul 2012 Ferado


Hi there and welcome the blog.

I began this blog because I wanted to make patterns that I thought were missing in the market; I wanted to create something a bit different and unique. I want to inspire people to create things, and give them joy in making clothes instead of buying them.

I get my inspiration from the past and present fashion eras, fabric manipulation and from the exciting world around me.

As for this blog, there are so many things I want to share with you. In the months to come you will find tutorials, projects, things that inspire me and all sorts of creative meandering that I stumble upon.

I will welcome your comments and any suggestions from you, what is your dream pattern?