8 Sep 2012 Ferado

Sleepy Head Eyemask

I have something to tell you: I am a fabric hoarder, I have fabric stashed away dating back to 2005 and every time I am cutting out I go through all my scraps to see if there are any big pieces that I could use for other projects. Am I silly? no! I just hate to waste.

I have been thinking of doing an eyemask pattern to get rid of my scrap fabrics for a while now but just haven’t got around to it…until now. So get ready for some scrap busting because these eyemasks are super cute!

Step 1. Download the pattern

Step 2. Cut 2 fabric, 1 wadding, 2 lengths of ribbon ( I cut mine to 45cm) and some 6mm binding

Step 3. (Optional) With the wadding sandwiched between the two fabric pieces sew a criss-cross design or what-ever you like for a quilted textured effect.

Step 4. On the side that will face your face pin the ribbon to the both sides of the mask.

Step 5. Bind the edge of the eyemask.

You are all done! enjoy the eyemask and let me know how you go with it.

What other small projects would you like to see a pattern for?

4 Sep 2012 Ferado

Back to Chaos

Well I’m back! I have been back for a little while but as it seems when you leave your house, everything turns to chaos. Well it does for me anyway. I came back to my new website not working – so I have had to rebuild it (and still am fine tuning it back to the way it was).

Now regardless of this chaos that I am dealing with, I had a great holiday in Vanuatu.

Stay tuned, Next post I am going to show you how to sew a super cute sleeping mask with a free pattern

19 Aug 2012 Ferado

going on holidays

Well I know it is a little too early to go on a holiday; just as the website is starting up and all, but I promise I will be back in a week and I am going to post a very short sew along for one of my patterns.

See you soon!

18 Aug 2012 Ferado

Sew along: puff panties: steps 4,5,6

Step four
Using 6mm or 1/5mm soft knitted elastic or a lingerie elastic and a serpentine stitch (3 step zig-zag stitch), elasticate the leg openings.

Step five
Sew one of the side seams together, then repeat the elastication to the waist

Step six
Sew the remaining side seam together, trim all loose threads and viola, you are finished!


11 Aug 2012 Ferado

Sew along : puff panties: Step 1,2,3

This is this first set of instructions on how to sew the very first pattern that I created.

To sew this pattern is very easy, so I will split the steps up into two posts.
So for this project I used a very light loosely woven cotton voile with a delicate floral print for the main fabric and a sturdy cream cotton lawn for the inner gusset, and 6mm knitted elastic.

Step one.

You should have cut 1 back piece, 1 front piece, 1 gusset in the main fabric and 1 gusset in a secondary fabric.

Step two.

To sew the gusset pieces onto the front, place the main fabric gusset facing up. Then lay the front piece facing down on top of the gusset, Lastly place the inner gusset facing down.

Pin the edges together and sew a 6mm seam. Take it slow here; it can be a bit hard to sew the curved edges.

After the sewn, trim the excess fabric, flip the gusset pieces over and press.

Step three.

Ok so to get the back piece and gussets sewn together you will need to roll front piece up, which is already attached to the gussets.

Wrap the gussets around the front piece, Roll and place the back piece in-between the gussets. Make sure that where the gussets and back piece are going to be sewn that the right side of the main gusset and the right side of the back piece are facing each other.

Pin and sew like step two.

Ok the hardest part is over; next post we will finish the panties.

4 Aug 2012 Ferado

Cleaner is better

For those of you who have purchased my patterns before on etsy and craftsy you would know that my patterns are very colourful. Though this looks nice on the screen, to print it out would just use too much ink. So I have decided to reformat my older patterns to have a more cleaner layout.

If you have purchased my patterns and have any suggestions to the layout I would love the hear it!