Etsy Spotlight: Skyepiece

7 Feb 2013 Ferado


I want to share with you my purchase from Skyepiece on Etsy. I bought it a couple of months ago – but I have had to keep it a secret until we passed my sisters birthday.

My Necklace

I bought this lovely yellow necklace for myself – I have been going through an orange/yellow phase for a little while – so when I saw this I just had to get it. Below are its properties.

*Colour healing properties: Vitality, Cheerfulness, Divinity

This delicate three strand necklace, combines: Citrine × Foiled Glass × Australian Resin × Korean Porcelain × Picture Agate × Damanic Agate × Purifying Lotus Seed × Clear Quartz × Rosewood × Recycled Aussie timber button closure.

Vanessa's Necklace

My sister is a February baby, so I also had to get this gorgeous purple amethyst necklace. Below are its properties.

*Colour healing properties: Inner Insight, Transformation, Magnetism

This delicate three strand necklace, combines: Amethyst × Indian Foiled Glass × Picture Agate × Coconut × Purifying Lotus Seed × Blown Glass × Fire Agate × Palmwood × Coconut Button × Sugilite × Australian Handmade Resin x Freshwater Pearl

Both the necklaces are made with such quality and have such a nice weight to them – I just love wearing them!



  • SimpleFibreLife

    Thanks for this awesome necklace. I’ll have to make a lovely black top to show it off 🙂