Happy New Year

1 Jan 2013 Ferado
Happy New Year!! (isn’t it crazy how fast time flies the older we get, or is that me?)
So with a new year comes the setting of New Year Resolutions, Oh yes – I am that kind of person. I love to set myself goals to aim towards, otherwise how can you really evaluate how your year and progress is going? I love getting that sense of achievement when I can cross a resolution off the list once I have completed it!
So this year I thought I would share my New Years Resolutions with you:
my aims for 2013
  1. create some knit/jersey patterns (some briefs and a singlet)
  2. create more bra patterns to compliment my knickers patterns
  3. Play with knitting patterns and maybe create some of my designs I drew here
  4. start heading into some Loungewear (suggested by KittyDevine)
  5. I also want to start sharing more of my sewing projects on the blog
  6. Also I am also going to change the lay out of the website and add a store to the site this year, so keep your eyes out for that 😀
Phew, well I better get started!
What are your New Years Resolutions?