Having a nice Christmas Holiday

26 Dec 2012 Ferado

Hello Readers,

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, with lots of food and sleep! I certainly am catching up on the zzz’s and TV! The weather leading up to Christmas in Brisbane was just so hot, But I am so thrilled that it has cooled down for the Big day yesterday and it even rained this morning. A great gift from mother nature!

Christmas is a low key thing for me and my family, the youngest in our family being 23 years old – there is no real excitement leading up to Christmas, but we all look forward to having a couple of days of just relaxation. Below is a gift that my sister made for me (find her blog ->simplefibrelife). We went to Spotlight a couple of days before Christmas and I picked out the fabric. I am a sucker for mushrooms whether they are red with white spots, or just the edible ones – I love them all.


I have also spent my spare time working on some boxer briefs for my partner, D. I drafted the pattern well over a year ago with his input – I like to think that he was the designer and I just drafted and sewed them. I have been meaning to tweak a few things maybe sell the pattern. The below pair are sewn up with a jersey fabric. (the drag lines don’t exist when D wears them)

Mens Boxer Briefs

Well that’s from me – How is your holiday going?