6 Oct 2012 Ferado

Well after all my hard work of moving into my Studio I have decided to spend last weekend out on a very short stay-cation up the coast, at Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast. But unlike the name, this weekend the sun was not shining; there was a cold breeze blowing from the sea all day! Come one summer, time to make the sunshine!

Now due to the lack of that summer sunshine, I decided to visit the shops, I bought some really nice cotton fabric and handmade paper from Sapien Arts . Now, I need to find a purpose for them 😛

I also brought my laptop and crafting projects “just in-case”. Let’s be honest with each-other here, I am a guilty workaholic; I just can’t feel a sense of accomplishment if I cannot be making/achieving things. So the thought spending a couple days away from my studio was not my ideal weekend, and whenever I go away from the house I have a little sneaky habit bringing my laptop and sneaky projects along – just in-case.

This weekend I brought a ball of yarn and knitting needles just for a bit of fun,

I drew up a couple of knit designs for underwear that I might knit up – what are your thoughts?