New studio room

15 Sep 2012 Ferado

I have lived in the same house in suburban Brisbane for over 5 years now, my sewing area is downstairs in the rumpus room, computer is upstairs and all my sewing books I keep close at hand, near my bed, for night time reading.

But this all is about to change, there are two empty bedrooms that were just not being used. So one day, weeks ago, I decided that I am going to take one of the rooms and make that my sewing studio! It will be a creative little room where all my things and be in one place.

So I have had the walls painted a light grey with gloss white trims. the room is 3.7 x 2.8 meter squared and I am convinced that I will fit all my books (right now they take up three Ikea Billy bookcases), My huge stash of fabrics, 3 domestic sewing machines, 1 industrial sewing machine, a sewing table, my computer desk and two chairs!

I am playing with a couple of layout ideas and I am getting the feeling it’s going to be a very crammed little room, but it will be nice to have one room with all my sewing and crafting equipment together at last.

How about you, do you have a craft room and what sort of things do you enjoy to make in it?