Finally a place to call my own

28 Sep 2012 Ferado

Hi there! It’s been a little while since I posted!

I have spent this past week moving all my worldly possessions into my new studio, it was great to go through all my things for the move and found a few little forgotten treasures like my water color set that I bought after I left college I promised myself that I would do more painting to keep my drawing skills up. I took time out to have a play with them and painted two girls – for my moodboard, maybe.

I love the idea of having a bit of green around where you work; they sort of soften the atmosphere. So I went to Bunnings and bought a maiden hair fern for the room. I should have done my research though, as these plants like a humid environment, and my studio room is far from humid! So I am forever making sure that it has enough water and moisture to stay alive.

While on my shopping spree, I also went to IKEA to purchase some lights, the Knubbig as it can get a little dark in my sewing corner, and the Terje Folding Chair for when I am sewing. I totally missed the Green house that IKEA have for sale – it would be great for my fern. (Will have to purchase it next time I go)

I felt like I was playing a game of Tetris to getting everything to fit into my room but finally everything is in its place and I am now able to settle down and get back to work.